About PANTA Talks

We started PANTA magazine to share the stories of the artists and activists that inspire us. Each artist we have worked with from issue 1 to issue 13 has had unique messages to give. Getting to know these artists over the years has been incredibly enriching and we want to continue to celebrate artivism through the pages of PANTA.

Yet by speaking to these artists and really getting to know them we realised that they had so much more to say than we could fit into print. We found that there was a lot of platforms out there that offered the opportunity to hire motivational keynote speakers, but none that represented speakers as unique or creative as our artists. We set up PANTA Talks as we want to continue to share what we are passionate about: creative culture and artivism. We represent a group of artists that will impress and inspire people of all ages, whether they are an after-dinner speaker, a guest speaker for high schools and colleges or a feminist or LGBTQ rights speaker. If you are looking to hire a public speaker for a corporate event, a charity event or for your students, we hope that we can help you to find the right person to ‘wow’ your audience.