Alun Be


Alun be is a photographer whose captivating images distinguish themselves through profound expression in high contrast. Born in Dakar, Senegal, his diverse approach has carved a niche suspended between his upbringing in France, the United States, and West Africa. Alun's art form is constantly evolving through personal projects focused on the human condition in public spaces, incited by his studies in San Francisco where he received his M.A. in Architecture. Alun was commissioned by the UN to produces a series of portraits of African women. Of these he says, ‘we usually only see two sides of Africa in photography: suffering (poverty, hunger, diseases, wars…) or joy (smiles, laughter, music…) rarely do we actually see Africans as determined strong-minded people. This portrait series is an attempt to demonstrate the tenaciousness of self-assertive women in Africa.’

Alun talks:

I tell stories through my art that inspire people to embrace their individuality.


I have given talks at a number of events including TedXWanChaiSalon and most recently, TedXNapoli.

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