Dies Irae


On every street corner billboards and posters provide us with vitally important information about what to buy, what's wrong with our outfit, which trend we missed out completely and where we should spend our money. So called ad busters remove, replace or deface those messages in public space to protest against this visual pollution. With their interventions, the group Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) is criticising the commercialisation of public spaces through outdoor advertisements. Poster boxes are opened with a standard tool and posters are simply replaced. Problems of social relevance take the place of product advertisements and become visible in the city. Because these posters are behind the glass, they look quite professional. This leads to confusion with their recipients.

Dies Irae talks:

Positive Propaganda in public spaces – a talk about advertisement & ad busting, Art not ads! Guerilla actions to occupy the public space, Positive Propaganda on Posters, Civil disobedience against advertisements

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