PANTA is an independent print magazine that celebrates creative culture and artivism around the world. 

After much love and dedication, we present you with issue thirteen: a number that sometimes gets left out of elevator buttons and airplane rows; skipped over as if it didn’t exist. Which, rather ironically, only seems to end up drawing more attention to it. Well, we certainly weren’t going to miss out on the opportunity to savour all of the curious influence surrounding the number thirteen: a number that is unlucky to some and auspicious to others. We’re going to go with the latter, especially when so many of the artists featured in this issue have managed to wrest hope from the clutches of despair and misfortune; which, on the other hand, is not so much a matter of luck, but of perseverance. The reality of nuclear weapons is much easier to turn away from than to face head-on. Not to mention the devastating rates of animal extinction, the ravages of addiction, the rise of violent extremism and melting polar ice caps... but that doesn’t mean these things don’t exist. In the face of these vast and complex issues, these artists, filmmakers and musicians certainly didn’t wait around for luck to come – they decided to take it into their own hands. And so, we present you with the thirteenth issue of PANTA. It’s a lucky one.


“If you manage to grab someone’s attention,
then please seize that moment to get your point across.”
— Herakut, issue 5

Call for creatives

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