From our social feeds to our daily commute, we have slowly become accustomed to the constant vying for our attention, mostly only to find meaningless messages of ostentation and consumption. So, for the work of an artist to not only grab our attention amidst this optic noise but also to expand our awareness of broader world matters and social issues, is nothing short of remarkable. In this issue, we present you with yet another inspiring collection of works in beautiful print form. 


“If you manage to grab someone’s attention,
then please seize that moment to get your point across.”
— Herakut, issue 5

Call for creatives

We’re always looking for people to collaborate with – be it writers, photographers, illustrators or creative people in general. We have an exciting list of articles to cover, or we’d be happy to hear your own ideas and proposals. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please get in touch and send us examples of your work. 
We look forward to it!