Infidelix has an amazing story of struggle and success, and you can find him working hard everyday on the street corners of Europe. This Texas native has inspired and motivated audiences worldwide with his raw and energetic street performances and has made an impact in people's lives regardless of what style of music they like. Infidelix has a story that will uplift audiences and bring a new meaning to the phrase, you only live once.

Infidelix talks:

Infidelix will provide an exciting talk about following dreams, not giving up, and overcoming obstacles, combines with a powerful musical performance during the talk. With a detailed slide show, and video to help narrate his journey we are confident that you audience will feel inspired, motivated, and ready to take on anything that comes their way.


Infidelix has spoken at youth centers, universities, Fortune 500 business events, and charitable organizations across the globe. He can adjust his speech based on your needs and specific requests.

Here is a wonderful documentary to help you understand Infidelix: