Opashona Ghosh


Opashona Ghosh uses graphic illustrations to investigate the complex emotional landscape of queer femininity. Her work often envisions women of colour in playfully sexual acts within symbolic environments. Designed to both titillate and empower, Ghosh seeks to question social and moral norms while subverting gendered expectations. When not dissecting the anatomy of the female experience, she collaborates with London and Berlin based queer parties, techno artists, and fashion labels. In Spring 2018 she completed a commission for Gucci and Frieze Art for their Second Summer of Love campaign with 6th Finger Studio (Berlin). She is currently planning her first solo exhibition with her new series KIN, wherein she explores sexual agency as coping mechanism.

Opashona talks:

In a time of commodification of self, our experiences of sex, sexuality, and love, have hardened into weary transactions. Out of a history of loss and disorientation, comes KIN: an urgent argument for a new vocabulary of sexuality. Using erotica as a means of transcending gendered normativity and expanding agency, KIN dives into the peculiar world of fantasy as coping mechanism; the fantasy that responds to the need to heal. Informed by my origins in India and formalised in my later experiences living between the two hemispheres, the series emerged through my own meditations on healing after sexual trauma and coming out as queer. Each image was a therapeutic response to a time of vulnerability and loss of faith. Over ten months, KIN enabled me to consciously transform feelings of shame, fear, and anger into a mindful manifesto of pleasure as an irreplaceable component of the self.


As the Production Designer of the film, I was invited to the Q&A for the UK Premiere of Tasher Desh (The Land of Cards) at The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, 2013). And recently at the PANTA Issue 13 Launch.