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Vermibus is a Spanish contemporary artist who uses the public space as a channel to criticize, in an innovative way, the aesthetic value of the consumer society and its cruel dehumanization which takes away a person’s identity to replace it by the one of the brand. Vermibus work is a reflection about imposed beauty standards and the darkest corners of the human being. Vermibus collects advertising posters from the streets and use them in his studio as the base material for his work. Using solvent, he brushes away the faces and flesh of the models appearing in the posters as well as brand logos. Once the transformation is complete, he reintroduces the adverts back into their original context, hijacking the publicity, and its purpose.

Vermibus talks:

In my conference, I will be talking about my work as an artist and public space activist in first person. I will review my most important projects, explaining why and how I made them. Also, I will explain the reasons of why I decided to stop working in an advertising agency to become a referent on the anti-advertising community.


I have experience talking at conferences internationally, including the #13 See Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany (see video below), the #19 Jornada de Conservación, Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid and most recently the #9 Edition Moniker Art Fair, NYC.

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